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Digital Success
for the Intentional Small Business

3 Tips for Running a Successful Business

There is no one answer for how to run a successful business, but there are things one can do that enhance the likelihood of success. These three tips have helped many business owners run their businesses more efficiently and successfully. Three inherent traits of successful business owners and leaders that

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How to Maintain and Increase Success throughout Your Sales Career

In sales, clients and customers are an integral part of your ability to grow professionally and financially. Without them, there would be little need for whatever product or service you offer and this is something every business owner, sales professional or employee needs to remember. To foster these relationships over

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How to Prepare for Entrepreneurship While You’re in College

A lifelong drive to be an entrepreneur evolved into my current position as of the Chief Executive Officer of Filter Butler, a global company focused on the water filtration needs of our clients and consumers. An important role of an entrepreneur is the ability to effectively lead a team toward

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Starting a Business Without Crippling Debt

A lot of small business entrepreneurs think that they need to apply for credit cards, borrow from angel investors, or get a bank loan in order to fund their new businesses. We have always been of the philosophy that if you don’t have to borrow money, don’t. While starting a

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4 Ways to Use Facebook to get More Blog Visitors

Small brands use blogs for a lot of really great reasons. They help them to rank well in the search engines, they help to solidify bloggers as authorities in their field, their great for capturing emails and they are also an important part of a content marketing strategy. If your

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How to Capture More Emails with Landing Pages

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective for customer acquisition than social media giants Facebook and Twitter combined. While many small business owners continue to concentrate much of their efforts on SEO and social media, email remains and is forecasted to be

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4 Uncommon Ways to Create Content

We have all heard the importance of blogging and creating good content for our websites on a regular basis. However, many of us just don’t feel comfortable writing or don’t think our writing skills or ideas are good enough to represent our companies. There is also the fact that outsourcing

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The Small Business Benefits of Blogging

The benefits of blogging are often masked by countless articles on crafting blog headlines, where to get blog ideas, how to get more visits to your blog and how often you should blog. Fact is, many small business owners don’t really know what the benefits to blogging are other than

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Squarespace VS Shopify for Ecommerce

Many small brands are now looking to build their websites directly with template companies that specialize in ecommerce. This market has traditionally been dominated by Shopify but Squarespace has recently entered the marketplace and now offers an ecommerce component to their features. The advantage to using either of these services

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How to Make Cold Emails Hot

A lot of companies realize the power of email marketing and use it frequently to connect with potential or existing customers. Consumers are used to getting bombarded with 10, 20 and even 100 emails everyday and only open the ones that are relevant to them. Most people would agree that

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